What is Muscle Spasm?

What is Muscle Spasm?

A muscle spasm is an involuntary contraction of a muscle or feeling of muscle tightness that usually occurs suddenly, is often painful, and typically does not last long.  Muscle spasms are similar to muscle cramps.  Muscle spasms have many causes, but if they are caused by an injury that is not treated, they may turn into muscle knots, or myofascial trigger points, which are painful and long lasting.

What is a Thoracic or Lumbar Sprain/Strain?


A thoracic or lumbar sprain or strain involves an injury to the soft tissues of the back.    Sprains involve injury to ligaments or discs and strains refer to muscle and tendon injuries.  The thoracic region is located in the upper portion of the back and the lumbar region is in the area of the lower back. If you need more info please contact New Orleans Progressive Physical Therapy

New Orleans Progressive physical Therapy “Knee pain can make it pretty difficult to get around”

Knee pain can make it pretty difficult to get around. Whether you’re suffering from a swollen knee, patella problems, a ligament injury, or arthritis, the pain can make it hard to run, walk, or even sit down. Luckily, there’s help. No matter what kind of knee pain you’re experiencing, in most cases, seeing a physical therapist is the right choice for treatment.

Physical therapist at New Orleans Progressive physical Therapy have the expertise and training to alleviate your pain and guide you toward recovery. Physical Therapy for Knee Pain: The Facts It’s effective for many knee conditions: Physical therapy is proven to reduce both knee cap pain and arthritis-associated pain of the knee.

Physical therapy is beneficial to patients before and after knee replacement surgery.

It’s cost effective: With physical therapy, you won’t have to keep spending money on a maintenance program: the goal is to help you achieve a complete recovery. Your physical therapist looks at more than just your knee:

A detailed examination might reveal that additional factors are contributing to your problem. This holistic exam and subsequent treatment approach often result in long-lasting pain relief. With physical therapy, you’re taken care of by experts:

Physical therapists at New Orleans Progressive physical Therapy have the background and the training to effectively treat your knee pain.

New Orleans Progressive Physical Therapy To Rest or Not To Rest

New Orleans Progressive Physical Therapy:To Rest or Not To Rest?

Initial recommendations after back injury described a period of bed rest for recovery time. This however, is no longer viewed as beneficial in the healing process. By being inactive the muscles of the back can become weak from inactivity, delaying recovery time.
Current recommendations include gentle back stretching activities and continuing with current day to day activities with modifications to alleviate strain on the back region. Starting an early rehabilitation program has been shown to decrease the healing time.

So keep active and perform gentle stretching activities after insult to the back! The temptation to rest in bed should be avoided.