New Orleans Progressive Physical therapy:keys to managing back pain or neck pain

One of the keys to managing back pain or neck pain is to actively engage in rehabilitation and exercise.New Orleans Progressive Physical therapy helps place patients on the right track by exercising weak points and regaining strength that may have been lost. An exercise program should be tailored to the individual’s condition and pain level, and include a combination of stretching, strengthening and aerobic conditioning. Knowing the right exercises and finding the right physical therapist can be the difference between recovery and chronic pain.

What Physical Therapy Can Do: One Patient’s Story

What Physical Therapy Can Do: One Patient’s Story

By Jo Reeder, PT, MCSP

Mr. J, in his early 60s, came to physical therapy in April 1998. A hemodialysis patient for nearly 12 years, he had been in a wheelchair for 10 months with significant leg weakness and muscle spasms. Although many specialists had blamed renal disease for his symptoms, his condition may have been caused by the lack of activity or exercise.

Mr. J became increasingly depressed. Because he was obese, it often took three staff members to transfer him to the dialysis chair. He received home health physical therapy, but was discharged due to lack of progress. Apart from a few weekend minutes spent standing in a frame built by his home care physical therapist, Mr. J passed all of his waking hours in his wheelchair. Life at home was becoming increasingly difficult.

Starting Physical Therapy
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Our promise to you:

  • Each client receives one -on-one treatment with the same therapist visit
  • Experience noticeable improvement and decreased pain after the first visit.
  • Highly effective treatment methods quickly reduce pain and swelling, improve blood flow, and promote healing.
  • Gentle therapeutic exercise promotes normal movement and builds strength and balance necessary for daily activities
  • We accept most insurance plans worker’s Comp.,and military.

Your therapist JR Williams, member of the APTA

My life as a professional musician was interrupted in 1990 by a near-fatal car accident My injuries included a severe concussion and fractured neck vertebrae, requiring spinal fusion and six-weeks hospital stay. With the support of family and friends, I made a full recovery which took years of dedication and hard work.

Inspired by these events, I chose to redirect my love to the art and science of physical therapy in New Orleans.I earned a master’s degree from the university of mobile , married my beautiful wife, and moved to  New Orleans”NOLA” in 1998. Since then , I have been using my personal understanding of physical adversity to help others in the New Orleans area overcome theirs. Right across the street from New Orleans Vitamin Shoppe on Magazine street.