New Orleans Progressive Physical Therapy: Our promise to you


Our promise to you:

  • Each client receives one -on-one treatment with the same therapist visit
  • Experience noticeable improvement and decreased pain after the first visit.
  • Highly effective treatment methods quickly reduce pain and swelling, improve blood flow, and promote healing.
  • Gentle therapeutic exercise promotes normal movement and builds strength and balance necessary for daily activities
  • We accept most insurance plans worker’s Comp.,and military.


Your therapist JR Williams, member of the APTA

My life as a professional musician was interrupted in 1990 by a near-fatal car accident My injuries included a severe concussion and fractured neck vertebrae, requiring spinal fusion and six-weeks hospital stay. With the support of family and friends, I made a full recovery which took years of dedication and hard work.

Inspired by these events, I chose to redirect my love to the art and science of physical therapy.I earned a master’s degree from the university of mobile , married my beautiful wife, and moved to NOLA in 1998. Since then , I have been using my personal understanding of physical adversity to help others overcome theirs. Right across the street from New Orleans Vitamin Shoppe on Magazine street.



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